Grocery Store Gripe

How many of us are old enough to remember the episode of Fraiser in which he throws the bully out of the coffee shop saying he needs an etiquette lesson? Well I understand how Fraiser felt in that episode.  Every time I go to the grocery store I want to teach people etiquette lessons.

Perhaps I am a little strange but I enjoy going grocery shopping. However more often than not I end up getting frustrated because of the way people act in the store, and I doubt I am the only one.

So I thought I would list some simple grocery store etiquette for those that aggravate the rest of us.

First it those that socialize at the grocery store. Now I am not saying that it is wrong to socialize at the grocery store, I myself do it from time to time especially when I see someone I have not seen in a long time.  However there are some simple rule to follow so that you are conscientious of your fellow shoppers.  First if you are going to have a long conversation with someone don’t have it in the aisles where you will be blocking the flow of traffic or blocking items on the shelves. I once went to the grocery store I only go to for quick emergency trips, and upon entering I passed the self-checkout registers and saw a group of five people standing there having a conversation.  I walked through the store getting what I needed for my granddaughter and a few other odds and ends. It probably took me about 15 to 20 minutes to get what I needed. Imagine my shock and surprise when I went to the self-checkout registers and this group was still standing in front of the register still having a conversation.  Again I am not saying not to have conversations with friends at the grocery store but at this particular store there are only four self-serve registers and three were being used and the fourth was blocked by these people effectively cutting down the number of self-serve registers by 25%. Now it is important for me to point out I was not the only one waiting in the line for these registers.  While in line for the register it was difficult not to over hear parts of their conversation because they were very loud, which will be another post in the gripes section soon, I can’t remember exactly what was said but it was something that indicated that they are NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS!!!! Talk about ridiculous these people tied up a register for at least 20 minutes talking and they live right next to each other.  Again if you are going to socialize move out of the way. Most grocery stores have a food court type area or atleast a coffee shop area inside the store. If you want to have a long conversation go there instead of blocking or hindering people from shopping.  If you think it is going to be a quick one you still need to be considerate and move out of the way of your fellow shoppers.

My second point of contention at the grocery store is the people who think they are more important than everyone else. Now i do understand that this may seem ironic given my first rant but stick with me and I bet you will be able to say “OH those people I have seen them at my store.”  Most people if shopping with their significant other walk side by side as they are shopping until we encounter someone coming the other way until we encounter someone coming form the other direction then one or the other of us drop back and we move in single file until we pass the other patrons. This is the proper way to move through the store. However we have all come across those that insist no matter what on walking side by side effectively blocking the whole aisle until they make their way through. The aisles at the grocery store should be though of in the same manner we think of road ways. When walking through the aisles keep right and let traffic flow in both directions.

Most of us already follow the Golden Rule of do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Instead I say behave around others as you would have them act around you.

I mean no offense to anyone by this post I am just trying to make shopping less stressful for everyone.

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