Gripe #2

There used to be one or two channels on the television that were always on at our house. One was and still is the History Channel, I just wish there was less Pawn Stars and American Pickers marathons. Don’t get me wrong I like both of these shows just not all day long. The other channel was Food Network. Remember when Food Network actually had cooking shows on? Now it just seems like they want to show you food that they like to eat and the places that have them which 9 times out of 10 is nowhere near where you live. Either that or it is cooking competitions making meals out of ingredients a normal home cook wouldn’t use anyway. I do like some of the competition shows like Iron Chef and Food Truck Wars, but even those get on my nerves because of all the trash talk from the competitors.  My wife Karen who is into all the Metaphysical stuff, says the chef’s negative attitude while they cook affects the food so that the food takes on the negativity of the chef. To me it is just annoying. I mean if your food is good then shut up and cook I don’t need to hear the trash talk.  Take a lesson from the competitors on History Channel’s Forged In Fire. They don’t talk down about their fellow competitors, they work together and leave the blades they create to speak  for them.

But I digress. I loved watching the celebrity chef’s like Tyler Florence,  Emeril, Jamie Oliver and Micheal Simon and learning their recipes and techniques. Somewhere along the way the network switched to more of a competition/reality/travel programming. I was hopefull that when the Cooking Channel everything would be ok again. I mean they even advertised it as more instructional and chef oriented programming. In fact Bobby Flay, Emeril, and Rachel Ray were among the first to premier new shows on the channel.  Add others like Nadia G, David Rocco and Roger Mooking. But alas it did not last long and now both channels are basically moving in the same direction. Don’t get me wrong both channels have good shows that I enjoy and even good instructional shows like the long-lasting Barefoot Contessa and Brunch at Bobby’s. Or the shows with those who put the celebrity in Celebrity Chef like Valerie’s Home Cooking or Dinner at Tiffany’s. And lastly the ensemble shows like The Kitchen.  But in my opinion there are not enough cooking shows on channels that are supposed to be about cooking. I mean its like a Music Television not showing any music shows (does anyone remember when MTV played videos?) or The Learning Channel not show any educational shows, not sure what polygamy and tattoos have to do with learning.

It is my belief that the executives of these channels should ask themselves how they have been so lucky as to survive the huge change in the programming when it could have easily gone as bad as New Coke.

So there is another gripe my family is tired of hearing, but I would like to hear from you if anyone agrees with me.

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