Semi Smashed Potatoes

IMG_0468Fair warning these little golden bombs are addictive.  I love potatoes and there are two types that are my absolute favorites.  One is my son-in-law’s roasted potatoes that he makes with duck fat. The second would be these semi smashed potatoes, mine is a bit of a riff on Jacques Pepin’s recipe.  I take some baby gold potatoes and cover the bottom of my 10 inch skillet then pour in enough chicken broth to cover the potatoes roughly 3 cups, throw a pad of butter on top and cover. Cook until just about fork tender but not quite.IMG_0466

Once they are almost fork tender remove the lid but keep them on heat and let the broth cook off. Once the broth has evaporated slightly smash each potato by pressing with either the back of a large spoon of I actually used a potato masher. Add more butter to the tops of the smashed potatoes salt and pepper to taste and let cook for another 5 minutes so the bottoms get nice and crispy brown.  This will give you a potato that is crispy on the bottom and nice and creamy almost like mashed potato on the inside.IMG_0469


2-3 lbs baby gold potatoes

3 cups chicken broth

3 tablespoons butter

salt and pepper

herbs to top like rosemary of parsley

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