Slow Smoked Chuck Roast


This week we had a lot of running  around to do and we decided to stop for a quick bite at the local branch of a chain BBQ joint.  I had eaten there before and it wasn’t bad for chicken or pulled pork sandwiches but I decided to give their brisket a shot.  Well here in this part of Pennsylvania there seems to be a misconception among BBQ places that brisket should be either chopped or made like a pot roast.  Well since I was in the mood for brisket but it was around noon when we were doing our errands so I wouldn’t have had time to do a brisket so I came up with a substitute, a chuck roast.  It’s not quite a brisket but I could smoke this in much less time than a brisket.

First thing I did was decide on using cherry for the smoker for that sweet fruity flavor I really like with beef. Once I got the fire for my smoker going I went to get the chuck roast ready so I could give the smoker time to come up to temp 225-250 .  I already had the chuck sitting on the counter coming up to room temp.  I decided to go plain and simple on the rub for this so I used some yellow mustard to lightly coat the roast and then just salt and pepper. One important thing though is for the salt I used coarse ground salt so that it would slowly dissolve into the fat.


Once on the smoker I let it go for about 4 hours, after the first hour I began basting with black tea ice tea every 30 minutes. I would not say that 4 hours would be the exact time it will always take for this. I highly highly recommend using a thermometer for any meat in the smoker. You need to cook the meat to temp not to time. I go for medium so once I hit 140 I pulled the chuck out of the smoker placed it on my Architec Concave Cutting Board and lightly tented it with foil to let the roast rest for at least 15 minutes.

Now when you slice this make sure you go across the grain so you get a nice tender piece of meat instead of a tough chewy piece.

I made french cut green beans and Semi Smashed Potatoes to go along with this  for a nice dinner.

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