Smoked Beef Ribs

I am a huge fan of pork ribs, but also love beef ribs. I especially love short ribs braised in nut-brown ale served over butter rice, which I will be posting the recipe for here shortly as it is a great fall recipe. But for today’s post I wanted to do great smoked rib.

Now just like I griped before about the price of skirt steaks rocketing up through the roof it seems that short ribs are doing the same thing so I decided to grab some beef back ribs to smoke.

Now the thing about back ribs is that a lot of time you can only find shiners, when the white bone shines through the meat because so much of the meat has been cut off. There is an understandable reason for this as these ribs come from the rib roast or Prime Rib and since butchers get more money for the rib roast and steaks most of the meat goes with them than stay with the rib bones. There is still some wonderfully tasty meat between the ribs, but if you can develop a good relationship with your butcher you might be able to ask them to cut you back ribs with a little more meat on the bone.

For these ribs the simpler the rub the better.  I used a light mix of salt pepper and garlic powder. I first removed the silver skin from the under side of the ribs, then patted them dry with a paper towel. Next smear both sides with honey mustard and season both sides with the rub.

beef ribs rubbed

Next while letting the rub set up a little and the ribs come up to room temp get the smoker ready and up to temp.  For today I used a mix of Mesquite and Hickory in the smoker. Once I got the smoker to 240 it was time to put the ribs on.  Aim for 225-250 for the entire cooking time. Place the ribs on the smoker meat side up.

smoke temperatureribs ready to smoke

These don’t really take all that long about 3-4 hours depending on how much meat you have on the ribs, again as I have said before the best way to know how long is by using a thermometer. smoked beef ribs

Sweet and simple. I hope you enjoy


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  1. chefkreso says:

    Wow! Gotta try these ribs, they look yummy 🙂


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