Reverse Sear Smoked Ribeye Steak


Here is another Ribeye recipe. I do eat other cuts of beef, really I do, but Ribeye is my absolute favorite. This is a completely different cooking method for steak than I have ever tried before. It is a bit more involved and more time-consuming than cooking steak in the normal flash sear method.  I have never been much on the reverse sear method for cooking beef but for this I wanted to smoke the steak so I decided it was the only way to go to get the sear and smoke on the steak.

I have smoked prime rib, brisket, beef ribs, tri-tip and chuck roast but never steak. I believe in low and slow cooking for tougher pieces of meat, but never thought of smoking a nicely marbled ribeye. I will be honest when I told Karen I was going to slow smoke the steaks she gave me a look like “what are you doing to dinner this time?” and she told me she thought we would end up with tiny little pieces of shoe leather. When it was all done she was so surprised with the tenderness and taste she told me it was her favorite way I have ever made steaks.

This method does take a lot longer to make but it is well worth it. I smoked the steaks for an hour on my Char-Griller offset smoker. Then I finished with a reverse sear on my cast iron skillet on the stove top. You could do this with a grill and wood chips to smoke the steak over indirect heat, by using your heat source with would chips on one side of your grill and putting the steak on the other side and then finish by searing over the direct heat. If you are looking for an inexpensive smoker to start with try this one, Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker Standard.

I start off like I always do by taking the steaks out of the fridge and letting them come up to room temp, usually only about 30-40 minutes. I take that time to get my smoker up to temp.  Now for this recipe we are looking for 200-225.


Once I got my smoker up to temp I went back to the steaks. I believe simple seasoning is best so I just hit the steaks with coarse grain sea salt and coarse ground pepper on both sides and lightly pressed it into the surface of the steak.


I only smoked this for about and hour but once again don’t get hung up on time and focus on the temp. As I have said and always will say invest in a good thermometer, and especially for a smoker look into getting a leave in thermometer, so you don’t have to open the smoker cause if you’re lookin you aint cookin, like this one from ThermoPro.


You’re looking for a temp of 115-120 to pull it off the smoker and move to the sear. Be warned when you pull it off the smoker or indirect heat the steak will not look like a normal steak.


They will have a nice mahogany color to them but will not look cooked. That is why I moved them to my nice hot oiled cast iron skillet over high heat and gave them a quick sear both for the taste of the char and the look of a done steak. If you are doing this on the grill just move them to direct heat for a quick char on both sides. Just remember this is a quick sear you don’t want to cook the steaks much more while searing. The final temp you want is about 135 for medium rare, 140 for medium or 150 for medium well.


Once steak is up to temp and both sides are seared remove from direct heat tent loosely with tin foil to rest, lower the temp on the skillet to medium and saute some onions in butter to top the steak with. I finished this off with a nice compound butter.



2 Ribeye Steaks at least 1 inch thick

Coarse ground Sea Salt

Coarse ground Pepper



Get smoker up to 200-225 I used Mesquite

Pat dry and season steak with salt and pepper

Smoke with indirect heat for 1 hour or until steak reach 115 internal temp

Move to direct heat to sear both sides getting 140 internal temp for medium



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