Sprouted Garlic Cloves

garlic sprout

Ok this is a going to be a quick simple post. I love garlic. I put garlic in ALOT of my recipies. However as a man of a certain age I can be prone to heartburn and have found that one of the culprits causing me the heartburn is sprouted garlic. Now I know some people incorrectly think that garlic that has sprouted has spoiled. Garlic has not spoiled until it goes soft or gets dark spots on the cloves.

As garlic ages it gets a sharper taste to it, I actually like the spicier sharper taste of aged garlic but the green sprout get me every time. If like me you experience heartburn after eating sprouted garlic try this trick next time you cook with garlic and find it has sprouted.

Simply remove the sprout by cutting the clove in half lengthwise and remove the green sprout.

Some people will just pinch the green part of the sprout off at the top of the clove but I find that the part of the sprout that goes down into the clove is what cause me the heartburn so I remove all of it and then use the rest of the clove as normal.

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