Slow Smoked French Cut Pork Chops


Okay this one was a last-minute decision to make. My grocery store had a four pack of these beautiful french cut pork chops for a quick sale with a use by or freeze by date that was the same as the day I had bought them. I highly recommend looking for deals like this when at the store as they are a huge savings.  If you do and aren’t going to make them that same day do yourself another favor and get yourself a vacuum sealer to help keep the food fresh longer even when freezing. I use my vacuum sealer every month when we do our big grocery shopping trip.

Anyway let’s get back into these pork chops. What exactly are french cut pork chops? French Cut is removing the meat from and exposing the bone creating a beautiful cut for plating presentation. french chops

The process for this is similar to the Smoked ribeye with reverse sear I posted previously.  I removed the chops from the fridge and seasoned them with salt, pepper, paprika, dry mustard, and thyme.


I then cover them and let them come up to room temp while I get the smoker going and up to temp. As with most pork I went with hickory wood for the smoke. Once the smoker got up to 225-250 I put the chops in and using my thermometer let the chops go  until they hit medium rare about 140. Once they hit 140 I quickly move them inside to the stove top where I have a skillet heated at medium high with melted butter and give them a sear and let the chops come up to 145-155. I like my pork especially chops to be right in between medium rare and medium.


Once the final temp gets up to 155 I remove them from the stove top and let them rest, redistributing the juices throughout the meat. Then I plated them with some stuffing. cream corn and a hot yeast roll.

I have to tell you these chops were great. There was a nice small band of fat lining the outside of the chop so the smoking and the searing actually made the fat taste like bacon.


Now I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Every Sunday while I work on my blog posts I watch In the Kitchen With David on QVC and I post pics of the food on instagram and the lovely Stacey Stauffer had the following to say about these Chops


4 Pork Chops



Dried Thyme

Dry Mustard



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