Baked Potatoes 2 Ways


If you are anything like me you love a good crispy skinned baked potato. I think I might like the skin more than the inside. Now getting the skin nice and crispy can take a long time cooking and you run the risk of overcooking the inside. I have found to ways to cook the potato to get a nice creamy inside and deliciously crispy skin.

The prep is almost the same for both methods. First Take your russet potato and wash it under cool water. Set it aside and let the skin dry, I find you can go ahead and cook it and get a somewhat crispy skin so if need be you can go ahead and cook the potato but it is better to let it dry completely.taterswashed

For the first method we will be making the potato in the conventional oven. Preheat the oven to 400. Once the potato has dried take a corn cob holder, or a fork, and pierce the skin all over.tatpoke

Then take a metal skewer and push it through the center of the potato lengthwise (end to end) and set on a plate drizzle with olive oil and season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.tatskewer

Place the skewered potato in the oven directly on the rack, place a baking sheet on the rack below the potato to catch any drippings. Let the potato cook for 1-1 1/2 hours. Then serve and top with your favorite toppings.

The second method is in the air fryer. So once again it starts with washing and letting the skin dry. just like with the skewered potatoes drizzle with olive oil and season all over with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Skipping the step of poking holes in the skin. Preheat your air fryer for about 2 minutes at 400. Place the potato in the fryer for about 40-50 minutes at 400 depending on the size of the potatoes and how many you are making. I suggest starting with 40 minutes and check the potatoes if the potatoes give easily and the skin is crispy you’re done if it still feels a little too firm give them another couple of minutes and check again. Once done remove slice open and squeeze then top with your favorite toppings and serve.

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