Review of Dimply’s Rub & Grill Memphis Pork Dry Rub and Marinade

A little while ago my wife and I were shopping at a discount grocery store and I came across a few packets of seasoning from Dimply’s Rub & Grill. I had never heard of Dimply’s before but that could be because of the area of Central Pennsylvania I live in. We don’t get new things in the grocery stores very often. For example I remember when I moved to the area after living around Philadelphia for a few years I had been drinking Arizona tea since the early 1990’s but it took a couple more years before it was available in this area. I went to visit my sisters in Florida again in the early 90’s and discovered Cookie Dough Ice Cream that was not available in this area for sometime later. So if I am reviewing this rub that some of you may have heard of or even tried already I apologize.

Anyway I digress lets get into this rub I found. Dimply’s offers multiple rub types. There is Cajun Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Oklahoma Steak and Memphis Pork. I had a nice Boston Butt (pork shoulder) that I was planning on smoking so I went with the Memphis Pork. The ingredients of the Memphis Pork are Sea salt, spices (including black pepper, cumin and chili powder), sugar, onion*, garlic*, sunflower oil, *dried. Which are very close to my own rub, with a few differences.

All of the seasoning packets from Dimply’s can be used as a dry rub or marinade by adding water or oil (just follow the directions on the packet). Now since I went with the Memphis Pork I used it as a dry rub because dry rub is synonymous with Memphis Style BBQ.

I took my Boston Butt scored the fatcap with a sharp knife and gave it a good coating of the Dimply’s and wrapped it in plastic wrap and but it back in the fridge over night. The next day I took the pork out of the fridge and let it sit on the counter while I got my smoker going and up to temp. I like to maintain the temp in my smoker between 225-230 for 2 hours per pound of pork. Since it was only my wife and I we only had a small 4 lb Boston Butt so it was 8 hours in the smoker.

After letting it rest for about 10-15 minutes I shredded it and piled it up on a nice soft bun. I added some totters (that’s what my granddaughter calls tater tots) with gravy and sweet corn.

Now the first sandwich I made I did not put any sauce on the pork because I wanted to get the taste of the rub.

I really like the rub with the pork. The onion and garlic are very prominent in the flavor profile the heat from the chili powder and cumin is there but not real hot. My signature sauce is a bit on the sweet side so I tend to like a bit more heat in my rub so instead I used the sauce I grew up with the quintessential Carolina style vinegar based sauce and oh boy was that combination great. The Carolina sauce really worked with the Dimply’s rub.

My bottom line on the Dimply’s Memphis Pork Rub is I would use it again if I didn’t have my own rub recipe, but I usually have a large container of it in my cabinet. If you don’t have your own rub I would highly recommend getting this rub. If you want to come up with your own rub I suggest taking this rub and adding other spices to it until you get the flavor you want.

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