Smoked Bacon Wrapped Beer Brats

Around here bratwurst are a quick and simple goto for lunch or dinner. In fact we have had them so often I was trying to come up with something a little different and one day going through my Instagram I saw a post from one of the people I follow, unfortunately I can’t remember who it was, but they had a great shot of bacon wrapped brats. I showed it to my wife and she said “Oh yeah I could see that being good.”

So this week I picked up a pack of beer brats and bacon along with a few other ingredients and found a new favorite way to make brats.

For sausage I like to use the sweet mild, fruity flavor of cherry wood, plus cherry gives the meat you are smoking a nice deep mahogany color.

This is not a long all day smoking project, once everything gets in the smoker it takes only 45 minutes to an hour before the sausage is done and the bacon is cooked.

So first thing first get you smoker going with cherry wood and let the temp get to 225. While your smoking vessel is getting up to temp wrap a nice thick piece of bacon around each of your brats and secure both ends of the bacon with a toothpick. Place the bacon wrapped brats on the smoker.

Now once you close the smoker keep it closed while smoking the bacon and brats. Remember looking ain’t cooking. Keep your temp at 225, a slight variation from this temp is no big deal but try to stay as close to 225 as you can.

Now while the bacon and sausage are smoking it is time to prep your veggies. We typically do peppers and onions. I found a new pepper at the grocery store called an Aloha Pepper, also known as a Holland Pepper.

The flavor of the Aloha Pepper is crunchy, juicy, and dense with a mild, less sweet flavor than regular yellow bell peppers. Slice these into thin strips along with a medium yellow onion. Give them a slight saute to add a little sweetness to them but still retain a bit of snap to them.

After sauteing your veggies and the brats have smoked for 45-60 minutes pull them out of the smoker and plate them up.

On nice crusty sub role add a nice smear of yellow mustard, a brat (make sure to remove the toothpicks) top with the veggies and enjoy.

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