Manners Gripe

You know I haven’t done a lot of griping on here lately, but this is one that has been building for years.

Why is it so hard for people in public to follow simple good manners? If someone holds a door for you say thank you. If someone you pass on the walking by says hello say hi back don’t just stare at the ground and ignore them. Can we please have conversations where everyone feels the need to swear every other word? And for the love of god can we all start using entrance and exit doors the way they are labeled?

Saying thank you. This one goes both ways if someone holds a door for you how hard is it to say thank you, but also on the flip side if you hold the door for someone and they say thank you say you’re welcome don’t just grunt or not even acknowledge them. But those should not only apply to opening doors. If someone at the grocery store pulls a cart out for you when they are getting a cart. If someone lets you go in front of them at the checkout because you only have a couple of item, which is also something that should but rarely does happen.

I don’t know how it is where you live but here in central Pennsylvania people seem to be so distrustful of anyone in a good mood. What I mean is that when I am out and walk past someone in a parking lot or walking down the street I say hello to them and most people in this area will glance at the ground ignoring the greeting or give me a suspicious side eye glance. Every once in a while I will get a warm greeting in response but mostly I get a grunt in response.

Ok I know this one is going to tick some people off but why do so many feel the need to swear what feels like every other word in a sentence. While that may be a bit of an exaggeration that’s how it feels. Now I can in no way say I don’t swear, but I only do when I am really angry or for added emphasis on what I am saying. If you use a word to much it loses it’s meaning, anybody remember the episode of FRIENDS where Jon Lovitz played the food critic and got high before tasting Monica’s food? He said “Tartlets? tartlets? tartlets? … the word has lost all meaning” that’s how I feel when I here something like this that I overheard at the the dinner a few weeks ago when out for breakfast “The ****ing guy ****ing asked me to ****ing give him a ****ing ride to his ****ing girl’s ****ing house.” That was 6 f-bombs on one sentence that in reality only needed to be 13 words long. I have even heard parents talking to their children this way. I don’t know maybe they feel it makes them sound tough or something but to me it is the sign of a limited vocabulary. I blame the modern TV series. I remember the days that even on the cable channels would censor the words out of movies, but now series on the cable channels while have swearing in the dialogue. While it can be appropriate for the scene I don’t think it is necessarily needed for everyone to hear.

Ok now comes the one that just absolutely baffles me. If a door is labeled EXIT why do people feel the need to ENTER through that door or vice versa. You would not drive a vehicle down the opposing lane on a highway and think that was acceptable. There is a reason why the doors are labeled it is to keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly in and out of the said building/store. I know what most people will say and that it is quicker and easier for them to go through the door closest to them. OH MY GOD if you think walking those couple of extra steps to go through the proper door will kill you then you probably really NEED to walk those few extra steps.

I know the majority of the people these gripes are aimed towards will never see them but perhaps enough will read this and make changes and influence the behavior of some and thise in turn some more and so on and so on.

Let me know what you all think about this rant on manners.

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