Review of Chop House by Holten Angus Chuck and Beef Brisket Steak Burger

This weekend as I was doing my shopping one of the stores I went to was my trip to Sam’s Club. As I was walking through the freezer section and saw this box of Chop House by Holten Angus Chuck and Beef Brisket Steak Burgers. I had never had Chop House burgers before and am often leery of buying frozen burgers. You may remember my review of Respect Wagyu Burgers that I was not a fan of.

We made these for lunch today and I cannot believe these were frozen burgers. So flavorful and very juicy burger patty.

Now the pack I purchased from Sam’s Club was a pack of 12 but I have found that some grocery stores and retailers do carry it in 6 count packages. Now matter the size package you buy the patties are all 1/3 pound (precooked weight) so therefore they are thick burgers which is nice because they don’t over hang regular size hamburger buns.

I am fairly sure I have mentioned before my favorite way to prepare burgers is in the frying pan to mimic the Diner flattop style burger. I love the caramelization you get from that cooking method. I set my stovetop to medium high and set a large frying pan to preheat. I removed the patties from the package set them on a plate while the pan was preheating.

As you can see they are the typical frozen hockey puck that all frozen burgers are known for. I place them in the frying pan for only about 30 seconds and add salt and pepper to the burger patty after 30 seconds I flip them and season the other side and allow them to cook for 2-4 minutes then flip again to cook the first side another 2-4 minutes depending on the doneness I want the burger my wife likes hers done a bit more than I do. I made three burgers 1 I did to medium, the second to medium well and the final one to just slightly well done.

A nice slice of cheddar works very well with this burger. Now I do need to mention that no matter how done I cooked the patty the burger was still extremely juicy, even the one I did almost well done.

After putting my burger on the bun with my fixin’s we sat down to dig in. To say we where surprised would be a gross understatement. The flavor just explodes from the first bite. You get the deep beef flavor of the angus chuck and brisket combination, the juice will run down your chin. I would like to say these are good frozen burgers but I can’t. These are absolutely GREAT burgers!!!! I have been to restaurants that charge as much for one burger that I paid for the pack of 12 and did not like nearly as much as I did the Chop House burger.

I have not tried these on the grill yet but guessing by how juicy these are I would be prepared for flame ups on the grill.

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  1. Jerry says:

    I am big on onions and this looks like it would do well with a big slice of raw onion!


    1. Yes because these are nice thick 1/3 lb burgers a good hearty slice of onion does go nicely


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